Plum Gin Liqueur

Plum Gin Liqueur

Pink Marshmallow Moonshine Liqueur also available

This world-class crafted gin liqueur made from English plums and juniper is light-bodied and smooth yet full of flavour. A must for gin drinkers and sloe gin fans.

Tasting Notes:
Traditional, medium sweet, ideal with ice, can add ginger ale for a 'mule' version. Made with English plums.

Gin is vodka with the addition of juniper berries.

All our spirits are made from scratch (not a bought in neutral grain spirit). Our spirits start life as sweet potatoes, pressure cooked to begin the fermentation. From there the vapours are cooled. Liquid collected then distilled and blended with our all natural flavourings. Perfect to taste, simply pour, and add ice or tonic.